A Closer Look at Specific Shows

A stage manager is only as good as the shows they work on; we are judged by the whole of the final product.  Here are various media from select shows I have stage managed, as well as a few words about what made each of the highlighted shows special.

Tall Tales by Robert Schenkkan

Tall Tales was the first show I stage managed for my university's theatre program, and it was part of a festival of one-act plays I production stage managed.  Tall Tales is a period piece, and it asked a lot of those of us who were involved.  I worked with weapons being present, an intense knife fight, an additional fight without a weapon, accents, and intimacy on stage, in addition to the usual challenges of a show.

All photos are by Anna Delph of Delphoto.

A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle, adapted by John Glore

A Wrinkle in Time holds a special place in my heart.  It's a show about goodness overcoming evil, a message that we always need to hear.  It also was technically challenging and exciting to work on.  Wrinkle taught me how to work with food onstage, how to run fight calls, how to deal with quick changes onstage, and how to work with fog, all on top of the typical expectations for a show.

All photos are by Anna Delph of Delphoto.

Bonus - Home Invasion by Krista Knight

Though I didn't stage manage it, Home Invasion by Krista Knight deserves a special mention.  I directed this play as my final project for a class at Calvin University.  Most of my work has been of a serious nature, but Home Invasion was a breath of fresh comedic air.  As it was for a class, I not only was in charge of directing the show but also was responsible for the lighting, set, costuming, and sound designs, as well as all the tasks that a stage manager typically performs.  (The play was directed for live enjoyment as opposed to a recording and was also filmed by one of my peers (as opposed to a professional).  Thus the recording came out much darker than the play truly was, but enough is visible that I'm willing to show this recording.)